Custom profile modifications

We work with Porcelain, Vitrified, Ceramic or Natural Stone to create custom tiles and pavers that look good, feel great and ensure safety by eliminating sharp edges and corners, for both internal and external applications.

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Profile cuts to suit any style

Ace Bullnosing Single Bullnose

Full Bullnose

This is the most popular edging for pool and stair edges and can be applied to most tile materials.

Ace Bullnosing Triple Bullnose Square Edge

Triple Bullnose Square Edge

An elegant triple bullnose style.

Ace Bullnosing Half Bullnose Step Tread

Half Bullnose Step Tread

This provides a non slip section, without the use of pre-made tread.

Ace Bullnosing Mitred Square Edge

Mitred Square Edge

Mitred square edge brings a modern and Sleek look to any stone or paver. 

Ace Bullnosing Double Bullnose

Double Bullnose

This rounded edge is designed to soften the tile edge and create a small overhang.

Ace Bullnosing Half Bullnose Corner (2 Sides)

Full Bullnose Corner

A classic cut with sharp edges. Works with any style.

Triple Bullnose

Triple Bullnose

Often known as the waterfall edge, this style provides a regal touch to pools and pavements

Ace Bullnosing Triple Square Edge Corner Aris Top & Bottom

Triple Square Edge Corner Aris

A specialty shaped Bullnose piece.

About Ace Bullnosing

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Our experience means we are quick to understand our customers needs, and we can measure and quote and can prepare 'take-offs' from your plans, advising customisations and modifications where deemed appropriate.

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We provide custom edge profile designs and modifications.

Custom edge profiles not only make your property stand out from the rest, they also provide a level of comfort when it comes to safety, especially when having children around the house.

There is a big difference between a straight, rough or sharp edge to steps, bath and shower hobs, verandah perimeters, pool copings or even the capping on your retaining walls.

We do Custom edge profiles on both indoor and outdoor tiles and pavers – all to customers specific requirements.

Profiles can be done on any type of porcelain, vitrified, ceramic or natural stone in either matte or gloss finish.

Profiles styles include:

  • Step Tread
  • Half Bullnose
  • Single Bullnose
  • Double Bullnose
  • Double Bullnose Half Round
  • Double Bullnose Square Edge with Pencil Round (aris) top and bottom
  • Triple Bullnose
  • Triple Bullnose Half Round
  • Triple Bullnose Square Edge with Pencil Round (aris) top and bottom
  • Quadruple Bullnose
  • Mitring and many more.

Craftsmanship to exceed expectations